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The great thing about fashion is what is old is new again, if you just wait long enough. This fall and winter, there are a great of fashion trends that are making a reappearance. Here are a few fun fall fashion trends you should try this year.  


Scrunchies were all the rage in the 80s and early 90s. Scrunchies are like enhanced hair ties with fabric sewn around the elastic, creating a "scrunch" effect. If you have any scrunchies stored away from the 80s or 90s, grab them out of storage because they are back in style again!  

If you don't have any scrunchies already, you can pick them up at just about any major fashion store, or you can purchase some really unique and handcrafted scrunchies from sites like Etsy that sell items made by small businesses. Grab some scrunchies in a variety of different fabrics and colors that go with all of your fall and winter outfits. 

Western Belts

The thing about western styles is that they never really disappear as they are true classics. A western-style belt has a belt buckle that is styled and embellished. You can pick up a new western belt, or you can hit up your local thrift stores or craft fairs to find an old or handmade western belt. Western belts will go great with any jean outfit you put together this fall.  


Just like scrunchies and western belts, plaid is back as well. This fall, embrace plaid in a whole new way. Get rid of the classic plaid button up shirt, and add some fun plaid fashion statements to your wardrobe, such as a plaid jumpsuit or plaid trousers.  

Leopard Print

This spring and summer has been all about the cheetah print; however, this winter is all about leopard print. When you want to add some animal print to your wardrobe this fall and winter, add some leopard print items to your wardrobe. You can go with some more subtle animal print items such as a silk scarf or a bag. Or you can go big and embrace the leopard print with some blouses or even a dress.  

Silk Scarves 

Put away your bandanas for fall, and grab some silk scarves instead. Silk scarves are a great way to add some style to your outfit. You can wrap a silk scarf around your neck, use it as a belt, tie it around your bag, or wrap it in your hair. The great thing about silk scarves is that you don't have to go for a solid print; instead, you can go for a fun, colorful print.  

Have some fun this fall enjoying old classics that have come back in style again such as scrunchies, western belts, plaid, leopard print, and silk scarves. Get on top of the trends, and look stylish this fall. Learn more from women's lifestyle blog articles across the web.