If you have finally made the decision to protect your skin by getting your summer tan from a spray tan provider this year, you may be wondering how to care for your tan once you have it. Spray tans usually last for about a week, but some of your routine activities can shorten that lifespan. Shaving is one common culprit for uneven spray tan results. Here's what you need to know about how to shave in a way that preserves your tan.

Shave Less Frequently

Especially if you are one of those people who like to shave daily, or even every other day, you'll want to slow your shaving routine down a little bit. Preserving your spray tan's appearance means shaving as little as possible. Try to alter your shaving schedule so that you only shave once or twice a week. The more often you shave, the greater the risk that your shaving could remove layers of skin, and your tan with them.

Use A New Razor

The more your razor has been used, the duller the blades will be. Dull razors will take off some dead skin layers along with the hair. Those surface skin layers are the same ones that are holding your spray tan color, so removing those layers is going to directly affect how your tan appears. It could strip it completely off, cause it to fade significantly, or even leave streaks.

Protect The Blades

Few things can damage and dull a razor blade quicker than just leaving it sitting in the shower. When you're looking to protect your spray tan, you want to also keep those blades sharp so you get more than one use out of each razor or set of blades.

Store your razor in a container that is filled with some kind of cooking oil or another similar protectant. The solution will keep your blades from rusting due to shower exposure, which is the common complaint for women who leave their razor in the shower. Since keeping the blades sharp and protected, you'll be able to get more than one shave with minimal damage to your blades between shaves.

Shave With A Gentle Conditioning Product

Since many soaps and shaving creams have fragrance added as well as other chemicals that can damage your skin, it's best to steer clear of them after your spray tan, and change what you use to shave.

If you use some of your hair conditioner to shave, you'll not only avoid some of those harsh chemicals in other shaving creams, but you will also get the added benefit of the conditioner serving as a moisturizer to help protect your tan and reduce the chances of any surface skin loss.

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