Smart Lipo is a specific type of liposuction. Smart Lipo uses a laser to break up fat that is housed inside cannula, or tiny tubs, inside of your body. It is different than traditional liposuction, which literally sucks fat out of your body. The healing process for Smart Lipo is a little different than traditional liposuction.

#1 No Drains

When you have traditional liposuction performed, you sometimes need to keep drains in place at the incision site. With Smart Lipo, you do not have to have drains in place and no fat is going to drain out of your body from an incision site after the procedure. It is a clean procedure and it is not invasive at all.

#2 Minimal Swelling & Bruising

With Smart Lipo, the swelling and bruising is on the minimal side. You are not going to experience extensive swelling in the area where you had the liposuction performed. You should also not develop deep bruises that last for a long time. You may not experience any bruising at all. If you do experience bruising, it should be really light and should heal quickly.

#3 Minimal Down Time

You don't have to have a lot of downtime with Smart Lipo. If you have a very small area treated, you may be able to return to work that day. If you have a larger area treated, like your entire stomach or both thighs, you will need to take a few days off work. The amount of downtime you need for your body to heal is shorter than regular liposuction. That means you have to take less time off work and will not have to depend as much on other people to take care of you and your family while you recover. Just remember that the larger the amount of space on your body you have treated, the more recovery time you are going to need.

#4 Improvement Takes Time

With Smart Lipo, a laser is used to break up and release the fat from your cells. You are not going to see the full results as soon as you walk out of the doctor's office. Your body needs time for the tissue to heal after the fat is removed and your body needs time to figure out its new fluid balance with your new body weight. It can take a few weeks to almost two months for you to see and experience the full results of your treatment.

The recovery time for Smart Lipo is generally shorter for most individuals than traditional liposuction. Be sure to talk to your doctors about the recovery process and follow all of their instructions as well.