If you're considering becoming a cosmetology instructor, one of the top requirements of your job will be keeping current on industry trends. When it comes to teacher training for cosmetology, trends come and go all the time. While some are fleeting, others stick around long enough to become classics. The following are four trends that started several years ago and are well on their way to becoming industry standards. 

Eco-Friendly Procedures and Products

Sustainability is one of the driving factors in most industry trends of this decade, and cosmetology is no exception. Eco-friendly, all-natural products have been a sub-genre in beauty products for years, but they're currently entering the mainstream in large numbers. An excellent example of this trend is the decrease of the use of microbeads in certain products such as face and body exfoliators. Microbeads wreak havoc on the environment because they enter local watersheds when they're washed down the drain, where they're easily ingested by fish and marine mammals. 

The Silver Category 

Cosmetic treatments and procedures for women over 50 have long been focused on revitalizing treatments intended to restore the look of lost youth or to at least partially mask the signs of aging, but this decade has seen a distinct pro-aging trend designed to promote a more natural appearance. For instance, instead of covering gray with dense dyes, colorists are increasingly adding shine and softness to silver hair to make it the best that it can be. Product descriptions are evolving away from the use of the prefix "anti," as in anti-aging and anti-wrinkle toward more positive language. A cream designed to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles may be described as having plumping properties rather than being anti-wrinkle. 

Small-Batch Products

The small-batch craze that started with food and beverages has trickled down to beauty supplies and treatments. Cosmetologists are using an increasing amount of beauty products produced that are locally produced -- and some are even creating these products themselves to market to their existing customer base as well as to attract new clients. 

Increased Focus on Overall Well-Being

One of the top trends in salon treatments is to promote an overall feeling of well-being rather than simply focus on outward appearances. For instance, many salons are offering treatments that used to be found exclusively in spas, such as luxurious body wraps and aromatherapy. Salons that only do hair and nails are becoming a rarity in the industry as more and more services are added to attract a wider range of customers.