Fragile fingernails can be hard to handle when you love manicures. Luckily, there are ways to show your nails some love and enjoy the nail-pampering you deserve. Czech glass nail files have a smoother and more even surface than traditional emery boards. Glass nail files are the tool of choice for those with fragile nails for the following reasons.

Reason #1: Glass Nail Files Are Gentler

Although you may have damaged fragile fingernails with a traditional emery board, you don't have to avoid filing your nails. In fact, you shouldn't for the overall health of your nails. Instead, a glass nail file will be gentler on those nails. Because nail files typically offer a higher grit, these helpful tools can help you avoid pesky peeling and chipping of the nails.

Glass nail files are typically considered to be gentler on the environment, too. Since glass nail files are designed to last a much longer time than emery boards, you can get extended use out of them. In fact, some glass nail files are designed to last for many years without becoming any less effective.

Reason #2: Glass Nail Files Help Seal in Keratin

Glass nail files can offer fragile fingernails other perks, too. They seal the edges of your nails and therefore seal keratin into your nails. That can prevent those fragile nails from cracking and revealing their fragility.

It is thought that using glass nail files may even help your nails get stronger and eventually lose that "fragile" label altogether. Since glass nail files also keep the nail edges smooth, they can prevent snags and other issues that lead to broken nails.

Reason #3: Glass Nail Files Are More Hygienic

If you have fragile fingernails, you probably know it's important to follow the best hygiene possible for their care. A glass nail file is very easy to clean compared to other nail files. You can simply clean it with soap and warm water, or you may want to try liquid disinfectant for an extra boost of confidence in your nail file hygiene. Glass nail files are easy to clean overall.

Finally, these are some of the many reasons that glass nail files like Czech glass nail files are a smart choice for anyone, and they're commonly preferred by manicurists. They can be harder to find in stores but are easy to order online. You can find glass nail files in many different designs and quantities.  There's no need to do without the glass nail files that fragile fingernails need to thrive.

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