When you were a bit younger, you may have suffered from hormonal acne. Although the blemishes are no longer on your face, there is a possibility you are still dealing with the aftermath of acne. Many women and men end up dealing with acne scars as a result of the blemishes they once had on their skin. If you would like to improve the texture of your skin and remove some of these scars, you can look into several different options.

Treat the Scars at Home With Assorted Remedies

You can start treating your acne scars right away with products that you might already have in your home. For example, applying vitamin E oil to the scars could help them fade a bit faster. You would need to apply the oil twice a day. Although results are not immediate, you should start to notice a difference after a few weeks.

Derma rolling is another treatment you can do at home. A derma roller is a product that has tiny needles attached to it. You would roll those needles carefully over your skin. The purpose of the product is to help boost collagen and improve the appearance of the skin. However, you must follow the directions carefully to avoid pressing down too firmly on the skin and causing any unnecessary pain.

See a Dermatologist to Discuss Various Effective Options

Seeing a dermatologist is one of the best things you can possibly do for your skin. There are various treatments available for those suffering with acne scars. The dermatologist may recommend chemical peels. These peels are applied directly to the face and are designed to exfoliate the skin and make room for new growth so that the new skin looks healthier and is not nearly as scarred. You may experience some redness after a chemical peel, but it typically subsides within a few days.

If your scars are a bit more severe, you may need an advanced type of treatment. Chemical peels could help to make a slight improvement, but those with severe scarring can benefit most from laser scar removal sessions. The laser gets pointed directly on the surface of the skin where the scars appear. It helps to destroy old layers of skin that are scarred the most, ultimately making the skin appear smoother. You may even see a drastic improvement after one session, but it is ideal to attend several laser scar removal sessions to see the best results possible.

Although your acne may be long gone, you may still suffer from the scars that were left behind. Even though it may feel like it is impossible to get rid of them, there are several steps you can take to work on reducing the appearance of the scars and improving the texture of your skin. Both at-home treatment and dermatologist treatments can make a major improvement.