If you've been cutting hair for years, you may be missing out on great opportunities to create beautiful hair styles on a plethora of clients. What you learned years ago may be largely outdated today, so going back to hair school is just what you need to give you the cutting edge in your industry. Learn why going back to school is what you should be doing now, even though you are already a hair school graduate.

Learn new techniques

Do you know how to feather hair so you can create a look that is both blunt and layered in one style? Can you perfect the ideal blowout that even the most frizzy tresses can appreciate? Have you ever attempted an Afro? There are many new styles on the scene today, and they go way beyond your basic layers and a trim here and there. Going back to hair school teaches you current trends and techniques so you can tackle any desire from a client in your chair.

Coloring tips

You need to know how to apply bright magenta, royal blue, turquoise, and even lime green to a client's hair. If you've already got this down, now you have pastels to add to the mix. Soft gray, baby pink, whispering lilac, and even subtle blue are being demanded more and more by clients, and knowing how to apply all colors of the spectrum makes you a true hair artist. Going back to hair school can help you conquer all the hues that are being applied to heads today, and can give you an edge on your competition.

If hair school isn't your thing

If you're too busy to go back to school, or you feel you're pretty schooled up on current hair styles but want to still see what's out there, consider attending local or national seminars that interest you. Hair seminars specialize in certain aspects of cutting, from threading eyebrows to using a razor, and you can pick up simple tips here and there. To stay on top of your game, it's a good idea to attend at least one seminar a year so you can see what trends are popular now, and how to prepare to apply them to your increasing clientele.

As a hair stylist, you want to make sure you can apply any style or technique to your clients. This way, you can stay in business being a modern stylist, and grow your clientele in whole new ways. Hair schools like Donato Academy of Hairstyling and Aesthetics can give you the updated training you need to stay ahead of your competition and love your craft that much more.