If you have never had the luxury of going to a spa, you may want to research the different activities that they have available for your use. Going to a day spa can be a day of relaxation and can be beneficial, as well. What happens if you are unable to get to a spa because of young children and a lack of a reliable baby sitter? You can try to hold your own spa day in the comfort of your own home with ease and without spending a lot of money.

Here are some guidelines for you to use when holding your own mini-spa day:

Set The Tone

Pick out some of your favorite music and have it readily available on your cell phone or MP3 player. Hook your device up to some small speakers and set on the bathroom counter to play soothing tunes while you relax. Lighting can also help set the tone. Dim your lighting if possible. Light a few aromatic candles and place in the corner of your bathroom out of the way.

Setting Up Your Bath

Fill your bathtub with hot water and add bubble bath in your favorite scent. Have some relaxation items handy where you can grab them after you get inside. This can include a magazine or book for some light reading. Have an eye mask available if you just want to sink into the warmth and close your eyes. Have some bath petals or special bath balm in the area if you want.

Spa Procedures

Research a few recipes for face masks or body creams and make one or two of them in advance of your spa-day. You can try out a few of them and switch to others the next time you decide to make your own spa at home. This is a great way to try different home remedies for your skin and body. You can make an exfoliating skin cream or a mud mask for blemishes. Take a look online or in your local library for some ideas in skin care recipes.

For When You Get Out

One of the things that is enjoyed at a day spa is the cushioning towels and bathrobe that you wrap around yourself after treatment. You can do the same at home. Find the fluffiest towel you have for when you get out of the tub. Hang your robe over your heating vent a bit before placing it in your bathroom so that it is nice and toasty warm for after you dry off.

For more help, contact a company like Audra's Image & Wellness Day Spa with any questions you have.